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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

a bit of nostalgia and appreciation for all those who fill our lives with art and entertainment. a song is more than a song after all. : )

the lights go down
as the last show comes to a close

the singer plays
one last song that we all know

and the old man
on the stage takes his bow and goes

the lights come up
the saddest clown i ever saw

makes us laugh
and mends our broken hearts

he paints a smile
on our face as he waves good by

the company
takes one last bow, the play

comes to an end
the lights are turned down low

we rise to our feet
and give it up for this magic show

the lights go down
as the last show comes to a close

the singer plays
one last song that we all know

and old the man
on the stage takes his bow and... goes

photo: Ronan Mccall

Saturday, August 15, 2015

George Sand -- "Avenue B" [OFFICIAL VIDEO] from Candace Thompson on Vimeo.


he put down the tiple  
annoyed at the weight
of the new wooden case
he had been carrying around
and sat on a bench
while waiting for the train
to New York
and i think
that it is true
that we are sometimes
punished for our
idiotic thoughts or moods
for when the train arrived
he just
stood up
and entered
the train
leaving the tiple behind
and now some 22 years later
he has apparently been forgiven
for this momentary lapse
by someone
who never knew he was ever annoyed
by the weight of the tiple
and case
because that lovely man
who was the one
who found the lost tiple
has tracked him down
and returned it

Friday, August 7, 2015

Toddler Dies in West Bank Arson Attack

By REUTERS | Jul. 31, 2015 | 0:26
A total of four relatives were critically injured and were being transferred to a hospital in Israel, officials said. Jewish extremists are suspected as Hebrew graffiti was found sprayed nearby.

Monday, August 3, 2015

a show in the beautiful, busy, ACE Hotel lobby where Ed Askew Band did 4 shows in July 2015.
pix: buzzybuswell

Friday, July 17, 2015

 coming back from Breakfast. 

this little strip of woods
between the street and the highway,

the Hudson River
beyond the highway,
and the Palisades across the Hudson-
are what i see
on my way back from Vickie’s Dinner,
and breakfast
once a week. 

and what i like
is that soon
the spare black and brown
(mostly vertical) jumble of tree trunks and branches
will begin to sprout small green buds,
than little leaves..
and i am looking forward
to warm weather once again.
and what is now a little strip of winter woods
will be a lush green forest
and, (except for the sounds from the highway)
only God knows how far you can go
into those woods.

Monday, July 6, 2015

as i wait for the light to change,
the late Winter sunlight
just hits the top floor of the six story building
across the street, on Broadway,
where i live.

as i enter my apartment
(strictly speaking, the apartment where i rent my room)
i must be careful not to trip over
my room mate’s collection of stuff,
piled everywhere,  
between the front door
and the space where i eat, sleep, make music and art,
have my harpsichord,
and watch videos on my Macbook.  

my friend Bob once said the journey through my apartment
(3 rooms, kitchen and bath)
was like traveling through a dark cave
until you opened my door
where there is so much light (on a sunny day)
that you have to wait for your eyes to adjust.