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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

  a little chill

i can’t help wondering if my former room mate got into heaven
with all the stuff he was holding on to when he died.
and i am wondering if all his icons, witch he had framed so nicely
 (in gold),
will convince God to consider his Petition.
the only difficulty, of course would be if
God counted the days by the Catholic calendar.
that would make him a heretic.
i was angry, at first,
to be left holding the bag, so to speak.
the truly frightening event of having someone
dying in the next room. and all those people who
suddenly showed up to try to save him.
and the eviction petition,
to evect a dead person stuck to the door,
 a few days later.

but i have to remember that i’m not the one who died.
and if i look at it
the panic i felt, and the tears i shed about MY situation
are nothing
gone in a minute.
but death, on this planet anyway,
is forever.

photo by Delineo

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