Thursday, September 10, 2015

i sometimes think the  current iteration of the Republican party (and some Democrats) is an entity that believes the USA, and the people of the USA, exists only within it’s borders; beyond witch is a vast no-mans land of international terrorists, non-English speaking, hostile, strangers, and allies who spy on us so they can steal our secrets and superior knowledge.

my father (may he rest in peace) believed that Americans had invented everything, and that any non-American who had come up with anything new must have stolen it from us. 

anyway, it is my hope that we get over some of our fear of people who “are not like us”  soon.
after all, we are rapidly becoming  a country of people who are not like us. we (white anglos) may become the minority soon. and maybe, than, we won’t like how minorities are treated here.

Ed, 9/10/15