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Sunday, June 5, 2016

walking Back from breakfast today, in the rain,
i was impressed by how green it is 
all along Bennett Street
by the entrance to the 90th Street, A, subway stop.
green bushes and trees against the gray rocks.

the rocks make a wall that rises some eight stories
up to the complex of Senior Housing on top of the hill.

a few years ago some rather large slabs of rock, that face the cliff,
came sliding down into the cars parked along Bennett Street.
it was very exciting…
if you didn’t own one of those cars.

shortly after this, and after the City had arrived with tow trucks
and civil engineers, i guess they were,

a group of elderly (you know , my age) people appeared
with picket signs foretelling the collapse of the “mountain”
and the doom of the Senior Housing, where they lived,
up on the hill.
(not much had been done by the City yet)

i’m happy to report, however, that all is well.
eventually the City inserted long metal rods into the rock,
witch, for a few years now,
has restrained the the hill.
the old people have returned to there apartments,
and people who park on Bennett Street have nothing more than
a possible traffic ticket to worry about. 

Ed 6/5/16

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